The ERC-ACADEMIA/TRIPTIC-EU research group is delighted to announce that a new Brepols book series, IPA: Intellectual Practice and Thought at Late Medieval And Early Modern Universities, has been founded.

The IPA series aims at the history of thought and scholarly practice at medieval and early modern universities between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries, with an emphasis on philosophy and the natural sciences, including related university teaching and various scholarly debates and disputations. Geographically, IPA focuses on areas where ‘new’ universities sprung up in Europe, such as in Central Europe, and on the relations between these ‘new’ universities and other intellectual centres such as Paris or Oxford. In terms of chronology, IPA understands the intellectual history of this period as something continuous and without artificial divisions: concepts such as the late Middle Ages, early modern times, renaissance, scholasticism, humanism, or reformation gradually find new meanings and become translucent and plastic, as the sharp differences among them blur due to ongoing research.

Methodologically, IPA is open to different approaches and interdisciplinarity and allows for monographs, the publication of case studies accompanied by editions of Latin texts, catalogues of textual corpora, or edited volumes. Overall, the aim of IPA is to create a platform for the publication of scientific research examining intellectual practice, knowledge production, and dissemination in Europe (including through the study of little-known and unexplored medieval and early modern manuscripts).

The series welcomes book proposals, which should be submitted to the Editor of the series, Ota Pavlíček ( Both printed and digital versions of the books will be available.

More information can be found on Brepols website.



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