We are delighted to announce that dr. Lukáš Lička, member of the TRIPTIC-EU/ERC-ACADEMIA research group, has received the Otto Wichterle award.

The ceremony took place on June 21, 2023 at Villa Lanna in Prague, where the awards were presented to the laureates by the President of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS), Eva Zažímalová.

The Otto Wichterle Award is an honour given by the CAS to stimulate and encourage selected, exceptionally outstanding, promising young scientists at the Czech Academy of Sciences for their remarkable contributions to the advancement of scientific knowledge in a given area of science.

Lukáš Lička’s research focus is the cultural transfer of philosophical ideas, texts, and manuscripts from Western European centres of university education (Paris and Oxford) to Central Europe (especially Prague and Vienna) and the ways in which philosophical and natural science issues are transferred from university lectures into discursive practice.

Read more about the 2023 Otto Wichterle Award in the official CAS article. See the @AcademiaErc and the @FLU_AV_CAS Twitter posts. Find out more about Lukáš’s work here and on Twitter @Scholipeta.

Photo: © Jana Plavec



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